Enterprise Support Engineer

Travis CI

Travis CI is looking for an Enterprise Development and Support Engineer in
US and EU timezones.

Travis CI Enterprise is one of our main products, essentially Travis CI
packaged up as a Docker container. It is being installed and run inside our
customer's private networks.

As a support engineer, you will work closely with our Travis CI Enterprise
customers, helping them to be more successful with Travis CI over time. You'll
learn about their successes and challenges, understand their interests, and
share their feedback.

You will also help to solve support cases, often opened by customer system
administrators, using your technical skills and coordinating responses from
our infrastructure and development teams. Tickets can include investigation of
network or configuration issues, debugging application errors, discussing
feature requests, and others. Doing so you will work with our engineering teams
to prioritize issues and development, and our documentation team to improve
customer-facing resources.

As a development engineer, you will work on our applications and integrate
them to work in the context of Travis CI Enterprise. You will add new features,
improve our build tooling and automation, and the overall system.


You can work from anywhere you want. You do not have to come to Berlin, but
we're happy to fly you in to meet with the team whenever you want.

You choose your own working hours. We're flexible in how you work and where you
work. We have families, and we encourage you to spend plenty of time with

You take a minimum of 25 days paid leave per year, plus personal days off.

We chip in for your health insurance. As a German company, we generally split
about 50/50 between employer and employee, no matter where you are.

We offer paid parental leave to all of our employees, no matter if legally

A Kindle book allowance so you can take time off and read.

You visit conferences. We will pay for travel and tickets.