Lead Clojure Developer interested in Healthcare

Cohesic Inc

What You Will Work On

              As a lead software developer at Cohesic, you will be involved in all aspects of product development ranging from core infrastructure development, to requirements elicitation and analysis, to UI design, and more.  You will focus on leading the development effort of cardioDI through architecture & design, mentorship, and continuous improvement.  Leads at Cohesic also guide the team through each iteration by running daily stand-up meetings, retrospectives, and coordinating other activities that drive the team’s success.

Our Team Values

              At Cohesic, we value: grit, the ability to persevere despite setbacks; respect, for our coworkers, our customers, and ourselves; continuous learning, the mentality that any experience, good or bad, is an opportunity for growth; empowerment, enabling and encouraging autonomy and self-organization with the power to make change; and trust, to know that everyone is working together towards a common goal.

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Design and develop new features – and maintain existing features – on the Cohesic DI platform primarily in Clojure and PostgreSQL, and occasionally in TypeScript and React
  • Design, write, and maintain professional-quality code with a focus on patient safety and privacy
  • Design, write, and maintain test suites from unit tests up to end-to-end tests
  • Write and maintain functional engineering documentation and guides
  • Continually interact with team members and sometimes external partners via Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, and other tools
  • Organize and run collaborative design sessions ranging from software architecture to UI and UX
  • Organize and run iteration-level activities such as daily stand-up and iteration retrospectives
  • Mentor team members in software design, testing, and aspects of our technology stack
  • Assist quality assurance analysts in test planning

Required Background and Expertise for Success in This Role

  • Authorization to work in Canada (or in country of residence if remote)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science, or equivalent work experience
  • 3+ years of experience using Clojure as a primary solution language
  • 5+ years of experience building web-based applications
  • Experience with real-time systems using WebSockets for transport
  • Experience working with formally documented requirements (e.g. SRS documents)
  • Experience writing software using functional programming
  • Experience with both dynamic and statically typed languages
  • Experience in developing RESTful APIs
  • Experience writing and maintaining test suites at varying levels (unit, integration, etc.)
  • Experience in writing and optimizing SQL
  • Experience working with git as a VCS
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies and practices
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken
  • Ability to communicate clearly and confidently about technical requirements
  • A positive attitude, willing to dive into what is needed for our mutual success

Preferred Expertise

  • Excellent technical communication skills (verbally, written, and through diagrams)
  • 5+ years of experience writing back-end code in Clojure
  • 5+ years of experience building web-based applications
  • 5+ years of experience in full-stack software development
  • Experience writing front-end code in TypeScript and React
  • Experience working with documented requirements
  • Experience in end-to-end testing with tools like Cypress or Nightwatch.js
  • Experience writing custom tools to automate tasks
  • Experience in *nix and Bash programming