Vue.js/Javascript/Python Developer - Build NEW Apps with an Established Startup!

Service Fusion

Are you an awesome programmer? Do you take great pride in your code? Do you naturally make the time to make code efficient, readable and maintainable? Do you lose track of time while coding? Do you feel a deep glow of satisfaction when you've come up with an elegant solution to a problem and it just works. In short, do you enjoy really coding? Do you enjoy challenges - do you look for them or even make them up sometimes? Is a good looking UI as important as a clean efficient ORM to you? If so, we really want to talk to you.

We are looking for a Web Developer with about 2 years of experience. You will need a good eye for UI - CSS will be a big part of what you do. You will be required to take one or two coding tests along with a phone and in-person interview.

  1. We prefer local candidates who can work from the office daily, but are open to qualified remote candidates
  2. We're unable to sponsor visas
  3. Direct candidates only, we'e not looking for third parties, recruiters, contracting agencies. Unless you're the candidate applying for this position, DO NOT contact us
  4. We're only looking for candidates in the USA or Canada
  5. This is a full-time position, we're not looking for part-timers

Write and deploy a small web application (preferably using javascript &/ python) to store a list of persons, containing the following fields: firstname, lastname, date of birth and zip-code. We’re looking for basic CRUD functionality. Any bells and whistles are welcome. Send the link to the deployed web-app and the source code. Your application will NOT be considered without this.