Software Architect

This position is responsible for the planning and execution of the technical design of solutions and enterprise software systems.  Design choices, coordinate and oversee technical standards and work with Product Managers and Software Developers to assure solid engineering practices and high quality are integral to all Libera’s products.  critical resource within product teams and across the enterprise, serving as an expert voice for software development that remains cutting edge but sustainable and repeatable.  A “hands-on” approach involving coaching developers, reviewing code and designs, prototyping key elements of future technology, and critical services development. Continually introduce additional technologies and processes to Libera. Work closely with the Engineering Manager, other Team Managers, and Product Managers to facilitate the engineering development pipeline.


  • Ability to demonstrate 7+ years of senior architectural expertise
  • Provide direction and assistance to agile software development teams 
  • Hands-on coding experience in multiple software languages (.NET Core/C#, NodeJS/Javascript)
  • Demonstrable skills in technical project planning in an agile environment
  • Experience working in a distributed/remote environment for software development
  • Experience working in a team oriented, collaborative environment 
  • Practical experience in the development of system APIs utilizing REST, GraphQL, and gRPC


  • Outstanding knowledge of software and application design from backend systems through forward UI platforms
  • Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS/SASS, Angular 7/8, Typescript and UI design principles
  • Strong knowledge of NodeJS/Javascript/Typescript, .NET Core/C# and related back-end frameworks (Express, NestJS, etc.)
  • Deep technical knowledge of microservices architecture and enterprise integration patterns (CQRS, EventSourcing, etc.)
  • Deep technical knowledge of database/datastore principles to include SQL (Postgres) and Non-SQL (MongoDB) environments
  • Ability to troubleshoot and design for system performance and load
  • Working knowledge in the development of system APIs utilizing REST, GraphQL, and gRPC
  • Working knowledge of continuous development principles, practices, and tools
  • Good knowledge of applicable data privacy & security practices and laws
  • Exceptional analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities
  • Superior written and oral communication skills 
  • Excellent architecture and technical support documentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal and consultative skills
  • Ability to conduct research into emerging technologies and trends, standards, and products
  • Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language
  • Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment 


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENT: Sitting for extended periods of time / travel 

MENTAL REQUIREMENT: Understand verbal/written communication, grammar, computers

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT USED: Computer, software, headset, telephone

WORKING CONDITIONS: Remote Office Environment 


(These are job duties specific to your role)


  • Develop and enhance Libera practices for software architecture requirements and design
  • Oversee product DevOps pipeline for continuous build, integration, and deployment for one or more products in the Libera portfolio
  • Assist estimation and analysis teams to develop a product schedule through initial high-level planning and continuous backlog grooming in conjunction with Product Managers
  • Develop detailed plans and estimates communicated to the Product Managers 
  • Develop teams that emphasizes an agile, “MVP every 1-2 months” approach 
  • Ensure compliance with all Engineering Standards, Contract Requirements
  • Ensure compliance with emerging best practices on all internal and external projects
  • Serve as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for software architecture in conjunction with the Engineering Manager
  • Define and provide metrics and reports to LiberaExecutives with respect to key processes in architecture portion of the development lifecycle
  • Participate in planning / executing sales initiatives toclients as requested
  • Ensure action items from regular status meetings aredelivered
  • Identify and mitigate riskseffectively
  • Remain up to date on software architecture best practices 
  • Recommend improvements to security policies when possible weaknesses are observed 


  • Communicate with clients 
  • Communicate with technology partners 
  • Record all external discussions


(These are job duties essential for every position at Libera)


  • Actively listens to others 
  • Ability to present information 
  • Written communication skills 
  • Demonstrate concern and understanding 
  • Treat confidential information appropriately 
  • Promote open communication 
  • Provide timely and effective written/verbal communication 
  • Keep others informed of progress and/or problems 
  • Share information 
  • Explain reasons for decisions affecting others 


  • Proactive approach to solving problems 
  • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully 
  • Think creatively 
  • Anticipate problems 
  • Demonstrate conflict resolution skills and ability to solve problems
  • Identify and mitigate risks appropriately 


  • Demonstrate ability to manage conflict 
  • Take proactive approach to implement change 
  • Ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect 
  • Be self-motivated 
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude 
  • Display willingness to make decisions 
  • Is customer focused 
  • Motivate others to perform well 
  • Manage stress 
  • Seek opportunities for professional / self-development 
  • Exhibits confidence in self and others 
  • Be polite and avoid offensive language 
  • Seek to be an example in all actions and interactions


  • Work effectively and dependably with others to meet team objectives 
  • Encourage others 
  • Demonstrate concern and understanding for co-workers 
  • Exhibits objectivity and openness to other’s views 
  • Prepares for and leads meetings 
  • Demonstrate strong responsibility toward personal assignments 
  • Is accountable for actions 
  • Use and/or encourages joint problem solving 
  • Involves others in decision making 
  • Is open to receiving and giving feedback 
  • Develop peer relationships 

All of the above job duties are subject to reasonable accommodation. This job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  Incumbents may be required to perform job-related tasks, duties, and/or responsibilities other than those specifically presented in this description.