R Engineer

TileDB, Inc.


We are looking for an R developer to build and maintain our R interface to the TileDB array storage engine and hosted cloud service. R is a very popular programming language used by numerous developers in the Bio and Finance communities, among many others. The TileDB core library is built in C++ for supreme performance, and we built an R API so that it can be used by the R community. We are looking for a person to improve our R API and expand it with computational capabilities (e.g., integration with dplyr) and domain specific software (e.g., Bioconductor).

As an R Engineer, you will be responsible for

  • Leading the development of TileDB-R (TileDB R API)
  • Building out features to better integrate TileDB-R with commonly used R data science libraries
  • Troubleshooting and fixing bugs reported by users
  • Building and developing use cases around using TileDB in the R ecosystem


Our headquarters are in Cambridge, MA, USA and we have a subsidiary in Athens, Greece. However, you will have the flexibility to work remotely as long as your residence is in the USA or Greece. US candidates must be US citizens, whereas Greek candidates must be Greek or EU citizens.


In your first 30 days, you will familiarize yourself with the core TileDB storage engine and the existing TileDB-R API. For your next 30 days, you will start contributing to TileDB-R, adding missing core TileDB functions and improving the performance of the existing ones. After 60 days, you will be fully integrated in our team. You will start researching R use cases and exploring further integrations with popular R packages.


  • Experience developing and maintaining R libraries
  • Experience using a low-level R API for a C library
  • Experience using Rcpp / C++ for R extensions
  • Familiarity with S3 / S4 OO frameworks
  • Familiarity with R packaging, distribution with CRAN
  • Experience extending / building upon data.frame / data.table API’s
  • Domain knowledge in using R within the fields of finance or bioinformatics


  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • 100% medical and dental insurance coverage (for you and your dependents!)
  • Paid parental leave
  • Paid time off (vacation, sick & public holidays)
  • Flexible time off & flexible hours
  • Flexibility to work remotely (anywhere in the US or Greece)

TileDB, Inc. is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer building a diverse and inclusive team.