Lead Cloud Engineer in Payments and Wallet Space


What this job entails

As the Lead Cloud Engineer at Tutuka you'll be working closely with entire technical team building enterprise-level, highly scalable, highly secure financial processing systems that power tens of millions of transactions and tying them to web, mobile and API interfaces that make it easy for people to issue, redeem and reconcile prepaid cards all over the world.

We already have a team of amazing developers that work out of our local offices in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as remotely across Europe and Southeast Asia, and now we need you to drive our hybrid cloud migration strategy.

What you will be doing

You'll find every day an exciting challenge, helping transform a monolithic enterprise processing environment with bank-level security and 99.95% uptime, into a sleek, nimble, micro-service serverless processing environment with better than bank-level security and 99.99% uptime.

If it was easy, we would already have done it! This role may or may not involve the following:

  • Consult with the technical team to create and implement a hybrid infrastructure strategy
  • Develop and/or implement tooling to enable more rapid deployment and issue resolution
  • Work with the development team to implement a continuous deployment pipeline
  • Work with the DBA team on best data management retention and migration strategy
  • Upskill the rest of the technical team to support and develop for cloud architecture

Skills & requirements

We love taking on team members with a variety of skill levels, from intern to PhD. But there's no getting around the fact that we need this person to know what they're doing, and hit the ground running.

You should already be an AWS guru with:

  • Experience in building hybrid networks, leveraging local and cloud infrastructure
  • Proven track record deploying applications across multiple regions in AWS
  • Experience automating manual processes, leveraging cloud (preferably AWS) platforms
  • Understanding and proven ability to create systems to support the management and storage of sensitive data
  • Experience implementing monitored and seamless deployment pipelines

Extra kudos are awarded for:

  • Solaris administration knowledge
  • Experience powering hybrid data storage layers, for example, Microsoft SQL and a serverless database engine (such as PostgreSQL/MySQL Aurora flavour)
  • Knowledge of automated testing frameworks and methodologies
  • Experience with some scripted and compiled/virtual languages (for example JavaScript and Go/JAVA)