Developer (n.) “Superhero poised to change the world” (apply within)


We know that headhunters are already beating down your door. All we want is the opportunity to earn our right to keep you every single day.

Hey, my name is Calvin, and I know how you feel.


Even though I am the founder of the successful online platform and – might I add – I’ve been blessed with a wonderful staff of intelligent and kind people from all over the globe, things were not always like this.

I spent many a dark hour figuring out why being awkward in the company of other human beings made me become great at developing software.

Part of that is probably that being broken and alone is a good motivator for developing skills as a programmer.

But for many other things in life?

Not so much.

Anyway, today I’m happy to report that I enjoy the best parts of both sides.

The light side of having mastered the art of focus and logical thinking.


Having great relationships and being able to build a strong organization with an incredible team and massive growth potential.

But alas.

A dark and evil power is upon us.

And this… where you enter the story.

You will be the Superman who is called upon to hammer the villains back into the abyss from whence they came.

Oops. I got carried away...I do that.

The truth is, I’ve become the bottleneck of my own success, and I need a few exceptional people who can help in our fight against evil.

I mean that part by the way. Jokes and corny comic book metaphors aside...what we’re doing is important. We’re out to change the world, and we need your help.

So what do you say..?

Do you want to play, or don’t you?

Under this you’ll find the usual “features and benefits”, but don’t let that keep you from raising your hand if you feel a connection after reading this.

Your friend in the good fight,

Calvin Correli
CEO and founder of Simplero

What's in it for you:

  • Be your own manager with leeway to decide how you spend your time.

  • You’ll be able to point to exactly what you created, both features and open source projects that we release.

  • With just 2 people we created what other companies take armies to make, and we'll teach you how to do it yourself. Welcome to the 100x club!

  • You get to see how great it feels when you implement someone's wish that mighta took you 4 minutes, but totally makes their day!


  • Work from anywhere, and on a schedule that works for you, as long as there's sufficient overlap with your team.
  • Stop work when your brain is out of juice. We need you to be well rested.
  • 4 weeks of mandatory vacation per year. Time away from work brings fresh insights.
  • We'll pay for a gym membership. Deadlifts makes you smarter.
  • We'll pay for a shared office/co-working space for you if that's something you fancy.

What sets Simplero apart:

  • No VCs. No outside funding. No exit strategy. We do it because we love it today, not because we hope to make out like bandits in the future.

  • We're profitable and have been in business for 9 years. It's a solid, stable, proven company, product, and model, not some fly-by-night operation or risky gamble.

  • We have 1,000+ active customers who have made almost $100,000,000 using Simplero. We’re the real deal.

  • We're founded by a developer, so you've got deep technical understanding and support right from the top.

  • We solve real problems for real people that they're happy to pay us real money to do for them. We go home each day knowing we made a difference in someone's life.

  • We do things differently from other people. You'll see. We laugh a lot. We breathe. We care about our people. We support you on your journey.

What we absolutely require:

  • You gotta be very smart and very quick at "getting" stuff.

  • You gotta love creating software and building things. And be really good at it.

  • You have to be good at figuring stuff out that none of us have ever done before.

  • You've got to be good at reading code and quickly figuring out what's going on.

What we could care less about:

  • # years of experience. You probably started when you were a kid, anyway.

  • A university degree, especially PhD's or degrees in computer science. We're not scientists, we're engineers. (We do have a soft spot for physics majors.)