Robot AI Engineer (Planning/Knowledge-Engineering/Reasoning)

Aeolus Robotics

Job Responsibilities:

You will be developing AI reasoning methods for robotics. You will be implementing and integrating algorithms that are applicable for knowledge-engineering and reasoning for robot task planning, creating C++ API interfaces, developing and fine-tuning optimization and scheduling tools.

  • Develop new or integrate readily available solutions for high-level robotics knowledge-modeling, case-based, rule-based, and knowledge-basded, semantic reasoning.
  • Search for and integrate, implement tools for cognitive robotics, knowledge acquisition systems, decision-support systems, expert-systems, which support robot task planning and scheduling.

You will work in a scrum-based agile development cycle. You will be working alongside founders, researchers, and engineers to design and build first-generation robotic solutions for mass consumer adoption.

You will be measured by deliverables, engineering oriented approach (instead of research focus), code quality and ability to communicate with peers and work in a team.


  • Master degree (or PhD but application oriented, rather than research focused).
  • At least 5 years in software development, and two 2 years working in a Robot AI field.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Experience with knowledge-modeling.
  • Experience with semantic reasoning, ontologies and rule-based systems.
  • Experience with behavioural trees.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience in working hands-on with robots.
  • Experience in creating solutions for industrial or service robotics usage.

Flexible Hours & 100% Remote Work:

These roles permit flexible working hours and are 100% remote.
Contract work or a permanent position: we can accommodate you.