Integrations Engineer (m/f)

FreightHub GmbH

Our platform heavily relies on integrations with partners and data providers. These are some examples of integrations that are built by Integrations Engineers @FreightHub:

    • Integrations with ocean carriers, airlines, ports, and trucks to get real-time location data of our shipments
    • Warehouse integrations to understand packing and storage status of the goods
    • Integrations with Customs agents
    • Integrations with our Customers
    • Tools and Techniques to support faster development

How Integrations Engineers @FreightHub work:

    • We’re a team full of engineers that kick-down-doors to get the job done. If it isn’t defined, we find out what we need to do to improve the business
    • We over-communicate and surround ourselves in context so we can make good decisions
    • We have a long-term philosophy
    • We believe that the right process will produce the right results
    • We add value to the organization by developing our team
    • We continuously solve root problems to drive organizational learning
    • We prefer individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    • We favor working software over comprehensive documentation
    • We enjoy customer collaboration more than contract negotiation
    • We will rather responding to change over following a plan


    • You know TypeScript, or are familiar with at-least ES6 and one typed language. You should be able to explain how the “this” keyword works in JS.
    • You understand DDD. Especially with regards to isolating business needs and technical solutions.
    • You embrace the Ports and Adapters way of thinking about applications.
    • You embrace 12 Factor Apps
    • You have previous experience with integrations
    • Event Logging or Event Sourcing is a technique you feel comfortable with
    • You know how HTTP, SFTP, and other transport protocols work
    • You understand JSON and RFC6902. You know XML is more than just angle-brackets and how to parse it with XPath. You can identify non-standard serializations and ways to deal with them.
    • You have experience with MongoDB and know where it can be useful
    • You have experience with Postgres and know where can be useful
    • You have a passion for testing and process improvement


    • Be part of an international and highly professional young team (Google, BMW, DailyDeal etc.) led by serial entrepreneurs 
    • Revolutionize a global USD 450bn market
    • We are backed by top notch VC investors (Northzone, Cherry Ventures, Global Founders Capital) plus strategic advisors from the logistics industry and recently raised a USD 20M Series A round
    • Shape the company with your innovative ideas and solutions
    • Help us change and accelerate worldwide trade