Mid-Lead Full Stack Developer(s) - Remote - AngularJS / Play Scala / PostgreSQL

Process Street

We have multiple positions open between mid-level to team lead.

Everyone on the team is a full-stack developer.

We are a young, lean, recently funded startup building a highly scalable consumerized B2B SaaS product.

You can learn more about our product here -

Right now we really care about building a super high-quality product from the inside and out. We really care about user experience and care about our customers a lot and we are looking for someone who takes pride in their work.

Join on the ground floor.

This will be a full stack development role working where you will be responsible for owning major features in the product.

You will be working in a team with 2 senior Scala/Full Stack Devs w 30 years combined experience) so you will not be fending for yourself but you will still have plenty of freedom and flexibility to own your features.

Our app is built API first on Play Scala, AngularJS and PostgreSQL. We are hosted on AWS using RDS, EBS etc..


1. You are a full stack expert. You program in multiple languages, you can wear multiple hats, you thrive in a fast-paced and unstructured environment, you program for fun, you know startups.

2. You are ok with a "go all in" startup lifestyle. We can pay a solid salary and offer equity but we are a small team with big dreams and a long way to go, so we need people who can contribute on a huge scale.

If this seems interesting to you drop me a line and let's discuss further.