Senior Full Stack Engineer


We are a group of people dedicated to make an impact on healthcare. The United States healthcare system is broken. It is too expensive and doesn’t provide the best outcomes. Patients do not have a lot of say in their health care. They have become just another billable item and a cog in the equation. However, patients themselves are the most important part of care. They control the outcomes as they adopt or don’t adopt their care.

CareAdopt is a software and mobile health solution designed to empower patients to adopt care after discharge and in between visits. This improves care coordination and engagement, decreases costs, and provides better outcomes. CareAdopt puts the patient at the center of their care. CareAdopt is one step closer to improving the broken healthcare system.

About You

You are passionate about creating the next software application. You build things not because it is work, but because that is what you love to do. You are a quick thinker. You understand what frameworks, languages, and processes are best for each unique aspect of the project. You are a projectionist, but understand when using an existing library or GitHub will improve your speed 10x. You’re okay manning support tickets and overcoming bugs, solving client requests, or managing unexpected roadblocks.

You own the backend, the front-end and really every part of the application. You make an impact in all parts of the company and want your footprint to be felt everywhere. If you want to be apart of a team that has been through being a successful start-up and VC backed we are your team.

About Us

We are passionate about each project we work on. We are determined to make a difference in healthcare through mobile health and care management. We communicate via Slack, pay attention to every detail, and obsess over customer feedback. We have seen success before in past ventures and are looking forward to the success of CareAdopt.