Part-time Administrative Email Coordinator


We're looking for business or email writers with a track record in hard work and good writing. This is a part-time (25/30 hours) remote freelance position.  This is a great remote position for individuals looking to work-from-home and receive stable, reliable income. In this position, you will solely be responsible for email correspondence with prospects and setting calendar appointments for sales reps. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Manage multiple high volume inboxes throughout the day and correspond with executives and prospects

Exhibit excellent use of English 

Research company key words from google and other websites

Multitask activities and execute efficiently 

Set appointments for several different sales reps and manage multiple calendars

Advanced Google/Google chrome experience

Fast typer, comfort with technology and data entry

Able to think quickly and move at a fast pace

Ability to quickly learn and utilize a variety of softwares and systems

Excellent writer

Native English speaker

Excellent research skills

Ability to quickly disseminate information and use accordingly

Ability to use a fast working computer (must supply your own)

Ability to calendar and schedule appointments in differing time zones

Excellent time management

Availability approx. 10-4pm EST Mon.-Fri.

Preferred skills, but will teach: 


Education Requirements: 

Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not required if skills and experiences match

Minimum 2+ years’ experience in general business environment with data entry, project coordination, writing, and/or administrative experience. 

Physical Requirements:

Sit for prolonged periods.

Coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously.

Once interviewed, you will be ask to take a 10-15 min. computer test.


Includes paid training
Work from home
This is a great remote position for individuals looking to work from home and receive stable, reliable income in a low stress environment. It is good opportunity for anyone looking to supplement other income/another job, for stay-at-home moms, budding entrepreneurs who want stable income, or freelancers. 

Pay: $400-$425 per week


Answer the following questions: 
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Why does this position interest you? 
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