Marketing and Communication Designer


About Us

We're Mokriya. We're a software product consultancy that started out building great mobile apps for some of Silicon Valley's best (and fastest-growing) startups. We learned a lot of interesting things along the way about the right way to ship software, and we're now bringing our incredible software product experience to larger companies like Verizon, Google, Twitter, Sony, L'Oréal and more companies you'd probably recognize. We have great clients. But we need help.

That's where you come in. As we've moved to much larger clients, we'd like to dedicate someone full-time to work with us on establishing the design systems and infrastructure that will help convey the benefits of our approach to people who are thinking about working with us. They should understand that we're the best at what we do and that we're worth the price.

This job will be critical to establishing that — we need someone who is capable of designing compelling pitch decks and helping ship a website that puts us in league with some of our biggest competitors. We're ambitious about the future of our company, and we'd love for you to be also.

What We Expect:

* Your first chance to show us what you can do in this position is your own portfolio. Agency work is preferred. We create a lot of presentations, decks and email, and so we'll expect some facility with those formats. We're particularly interested in any advertising or marketing collateral you've created.
* You can work in a rapid, iterative fashion where design is expected to evolve from market feedback. We're still a small team, and we don't yet have the brand identity to worry about coming across as consistent. Your job is to help get us to that point.
* You can collaborate closely with very opinionated people but always working towards a clear goal.
* You can write and communicate well.
* You have the discipline to work remote and manage expectations.

This is a remote position, and we value and encourage diversity and inclusivity at Mokriya. If you think you can help us, we'd love to hear from you.