Performance Marketer


What is Mixtiles?

We’re helping people put photos on walls. Canvas prints and framed photos are OLD products that haven’t seen innovation in years. We’re using software, industrial design and operational excellence to re-design the entire experience, starting from your phone. Check out our apps (iOS, Android) and our video!

How important is performance marketing to Mixtiles?

Performance marketing is the lifeline of Mixtiles. The driver of our growth. Our monthly budget is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we constantly strive to increase it. We want to become one of the biggest spenders on the internet. Our R&D team invests a lot in collecting and analysing data from multiple resources. Our CEO invests much of his time on improving our methods.

What will you do?

You will own our performance marketing. You’ll make smart decisions that will increase our ad spend while preserving our ROI. You’ll do that by scaling up our existing channels, and finding new channels. You’ll optimize our customer acquisition funnel. If you’re good, you’ll be able to spend 5 million dollars a month by the end of 2018. If you’re amazing, you’ll take this whole chunk of worries off of our CEO’s head.

Who should you be?

You’re super smart and good with numbers. If you wanted to, you could work as an analyst at a financial firm. You’re a great communicator, people who work with you love you. You’re a great professional, you are very knowledgeable in the art of performance marketing, and you’re relentlessly resourceful when things don’t work as planned. You’re a hands-on type, you can do a lot of stuff alone, and don’t need to rely on a huge, heavy team to get things done.

It's an exciting time for Mixtiles. We're pumped to read your application, and hope to have you on board.