Product Manager with Project Management Experience (Lean Startup practitioner required)

Lean Startup Co

Lean Startup Company offers the most exciting education solutions available today in modern management. We are a startup with global brand recognition headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We bring the entrepreneurial spirit to large organizations through cutting-edge education and modern management techniques. Lean Startup methodology provides a scientific approach and framework for innovation, so you can learn what your customers really want. It’s about testing your vision continuously, so you can effectively adapt and adjust before it’s too late.


We're seeking a part-time Product Manager with Project Management experience for The Lean Startup Co. Education Program to lead the execution of an important initiative that will set the stage for an extraordinary transformation at a large, national organization.

In this role, your project management expertise and uncanny ability to obtain buy-in at all levels will serve you well. You’ll lead a group of subject matter experts, client stakeholders and creatives to help build and scale a program that will empower its participants to innovate and adapt to market changes using Lean Startup methodology.

You will make a massive impact in this initiative by leading the team towards the same objective, while managing and prioritizing resources to ensure client needs are met.

You’ll Work on Projects Like

  • Scaling the adoption of Lean Startup methodology across a large organization
  • Working with subject matter experts and content creators to develop unique program training materials. Think playbooks and field guides, coach-the-coach curriculum and marketing collateral

You’ll excel in (and enjoy!) this role if

  • You have a track record of:
  • Working with Lean Startup methodology at an intermediate (required) or higher level
  • Scaling a methodology (i.e. Lean Startup, Agile, Design Thinking) across a large organization
  • Creating a program that embeds a mindset and mechanics of a cultural shift across the organization
  • Coordinating, planning, executing, and tracking large scale implementation or organization change projects from beginning to end
  • Proactively working with stakeholders to drive initiatives forward, and ensure on time delivery of deliverables
  • Facilitating meetings and ensuring alignment across stakeholder groups
  • Demonstrating a proactive focus on meeting client and project requirements in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Operating under conditions of uncertainty and with minimal guidance
  • Maintaining accurate documentation, including timelines, budget updates, meeting notes, and timeframes
  • Managing competing priorities and ensuring stakeholders are clear on the path forward
  • Overseeing stakeholder and team metrics dashboard data
  • You are an incredible communicator in virtual video meetings and in writing. People respond quickly to your email requests with the information you need.
  • You pride yourself on being proactive, responsive and exceptional at managing expectations.
  • You enjoy working collaboratively (yay, for google docs!) and thrive in a fast-paced environment where we love challenging ourselves (in Lean Startup fashion) to build, measure, and learn.
  • You are open to feedback, take ownership of your mistakes, and love applying your lessons learned to get 10x better.
  • You are familiar with remote working tools such as Slack, Zoom, Google apps
  • And finally, you get brownie points if you:
    • Have remote work experience
    • Have experience working with a government client

    You’ll ensure the success of the initiative by

    • Translating vision into execution. You’ll ensure that the stakeholders and everyone involved is crystal clear on what the desired outcome is and you know how to get there with the resources you have available
    • Effectively utilizing subject matter experts and specialists to efficiently move projects forward.
    • Proactively managing people and expectations. You’ll be awesome at ensuring that the right people are in the loop on the various stages of the project and there won’t be any surprises.
    • Being customer focused. Learn the needs of the client and proactively test and advise the client on best path forward.
    • Being metrics oriented and business-driven. Sharing your knowledge from past experience scaling programs across organizations to provide guidance on the best path forward.
    • Clearly communicating scope changes and impact they have on budget and strategy.
    • Connecting and prioritizing individual initiatives to the overall strategy.

    Why You’ll Love Working With Us

    • We’re a 100% remote team using fun collaborative tools.
    • We encourage unplugging and prefer you don’t check email while you’re away.
    • Our clients are some of the largest companies in the world and you get a front row seat to the challenges they’re facing around innovation. Better yet, you get to help them solve their problems.
    • The work we do will go down in history as powerfully-transformative.
    • Experience the thrill and challenge of working in a fast-paced, growing startup.

    This is a contract-based, freelance role. The position is remote, but we ask that you’re 1) located in the U.S. and 2) available to communicate during Pacific Time business hours.

    *Note - We understand that you are eager to hear back from us. We receive a lot of applications and cannot respond to all of them. Please do not reach out to us regarding your application. If there is a mutual fit, we will contact you to move forward with the next steps in the process.