Web Developer | Remote

Jibble Tech is seeking web developers with some years of commercial experience, to join their remote development team building a next generation workforce management platform.

We’re growing fast and that’s exactly why we’re looking for back-end and front-end developers to join our team. Which is a fully remoteWe work remotely across the globe from our home, coffeeshops and co-working spaces.


  • You have at least 4 years of JS experience (Ideally ES6)
  • You have at least 1 year of any modern JS F/W experience
  • You have at least 2 years experience on NoSQL databases (Back-end devs)
  • You are comfortable with build & deployment tools like NPM scripts/travis etc.
  • A working knowledge of TDD
  • Some experience of Loopback, Typescript, ES6, MongoDB is a plus
  • Strong experience in CSS Frameworks (Front-end devs)
  • Some experience of Bootstrap, Typescript, ES6, Angular 2+/Vue/React is a plus
  • You have a public github repo that covers the above topics and/or willingness to take a test

As a developer at Jibble you’ll get:

  • A good salary.
  • A fully remote work environment.
  • An experienced development team, we continuously communicate through Slack and Github.
  • Flexible work hours and holidays. Work where you want and when you want to be as productive as you can be!

Company Culture Values

  1. We care greatly about the quality of our work and the product we offer to our customers
  2. We’re motivated by high NPS scores and customer satisfaction
  3. We work remotely and we trust each other with their tasks
  4. We work 35 hours a week. We work only these hours because we work hard and smart
  5. We strive to be different, to stand-out, innovate and evolve if required
  6. We focus on metrics and performance
  7. We don’t care much about titles and help each other outside of our primary responsibilities

About Us

Jibble is a cloud-based platform enabling small or large organisations to manage their workforce more efficiently with features like time & attendance tracking for payroll, billing or productivity. The Jibble team work remotely from around the world. The HQ is based in Kuala Lumpur.