Integrations Engineer (Ruby/Rails, APIs, Webhooks)

Churn Buster

Churn Buster is the backbone of failed payment systems around the world.

Around 15% of all credit card transactions fail. For subscription companies, this is a HUGE problem. Left untreated, it can cause more than 50% of a company's churn. Left poorly-treated, customers face poor billing experiences, and companies lose good customers to bad process.

We currently integrate with companies who use Stripe, and Stripe Subscriptions. You're going to help us expand to integrate with every payment system in the world. And not only that, you're going to make it easy, and fast, for those customers to start printing money with Churn Buster.

Building on a fully-rearchitected platform, integrations are easy, despite the fact that you'll often be integrating with legacy technology. We'd love to show you what we've built, and gauge if you're the right person to take over.

You'll be working closest with our CEO, Matt Goldman, learning how Churn Buster works, and how you can make it better:

About You:
You've been working with Rails for several years. You love how fast you can move with it, but you also know when to head in the opposite direction of the Rails way. Using POROs, Rails Engines, and event publication/subscribing doesn't scare you, and you see the benefits when working with a large codebase.

At the same time, you know where to draw the line. Working for a small company, you know how important growth is, and you work to identify 80% solutions to close loops, and move on to the next challenging problem to solve.

You've worked heavily with APIs and Webhooks in the past. You understand idempotency, error handling, race conditions, and you've witnessed first-hand what can go wrong when careful planning doesn't go into system architecture.

You write unit tests with RSpec, and request specs too. But you don't overcomplicate the codebase in the name of faster tests.

You love writing documentation so that customers, teammates, and future-you don't have to use those darn brains to figure-out already solved problems.

And you're not afraid to hop on the phone with leads/customers to help ensure they're integration/experience is going smoothly.

We're at our best when we're solving hard problems for customers, and you take pride in being a part of that.

Your responsibilities at Churn Buster:
  • Add new payment processor integrations
  • Improve existing integrations
  • Simplify/speed up onboarding for all integrations
  • Work with our customers' engineering teams when they need help
  • Write documentation regularly for recurring confusion points

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sidekiq/Background workers
  • APIs
  • Webhooks
  • Postgres
  • Heroku/Review Apps
  • Git
  • RSpec

Bonus Points:
  • Payment-related APIs: Stripe, Braintree, etc
  • Sinatra
  • SQL (knowing when to not use ActiveRecord)
  • Component based Rails applications/Wisper

About the Job:
  • Full-Time
  • 100% Remote
  • Unlimited Vacation