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Looking for a well-rounded Product designer [REMOTE]

We’re growing our design team and looking for a person who understands product design, business perspective and why we do stuff that we do, but who’s also very good at visual design.

What will you be working on? Semaphore is a continuous delivery service, focused on speed and simplicity. A tool that helps developers write better code. More on

Who you’ll be working with? You’ll be closely collaborating with our marketing, product and dev teams, and continuously optimise based on data and information from research. On product design end, in functional and visual aspect, you’ll have support from Design lead and the rest of the product team.

Who are you? We want you to stand strongly behind your decisions, but to be humble enough to accept that your opinions are challenged all the time as part of the process.

Experience. This is a senior position for experienced designers. We need someone who will be a strong addition to our team from day one. Difficult to tell how much exactly, but we’d dare to say at least 4 years working on products.

Required skills. Your deliverables will be either in the form of sketches, mockups, prototype or code — whatever is faster and whatever communicates the idea better. You’ll use Sketch a lot, but should also be able to code your designs and deliver and test them in their natural environment. Therefore, HTML and CSS is a must. We bet on Tachyons. Illustration and Icon drawing skills are nice-to-haves. Knowledge of Javascript isn't a must, but knowing how to handle subtle interaction details would be a great help.

Applying. a) Send us the link to your portfolio. And the link to your blog if you are writing one. We’d like to evaluate your visual and your writing skills to be able to understand how do you think about design. b) Send us your CV, although not necessarily very formal, it must be something from what we can learn about your previous work experience.


This is a REMOTE position, but you’re welcomed to work from our Novi Sad office. If working remotely, we would like to have at least 4 hours overlap with 9-5 CET. We offer fair compensation, friendly environment, 20 days of paid vacation + public holidays in your country, unlimited books, paid gym membership and so on.

Good luck applying!

Who We Are is a leader in hosted continuous integration and deployment, with over 30,000 developers relying on Semaphore to test and deploy their code. Our mission is to help teams ship their software faster and with more confidence by providing a fast, robust and scalable platform for software delivery.

We work in small, highly effective teams, and every person is vital to the success of the company.

Our team is made of smart, creative people who love their craft. We believe that a great place to work is where we're surrounded by self-managed people who consistently do good work and positively inspire us.

We work in a fast-changing environment of a new market, and there are many ways you can make a great impact. You will not be just improving the product or customer experience, but have a voice in shaping the company culture too.

Sounds good? Come work with us.