Senior Rails Programmer


We're looking for a full stack, experienced Rails developer to join our team. Tripleseat is a web-based event management platform for restaurants, unique venues, and hotels. Take a minute to read through this post to see if you meet our qualifications and are interested in working with us.

Official Job Requirements
  • Really, really seriously like web development.
  • Expert skills with Rails, Ruby, MySQL, Javascript, CSS/HTML, and general web principles.
  • Proficient with Git/Github, SideKiq (background jobs), and Capistrano.
  • Extra points for any DevOps experience (Ubuntu, Linux, cloud hosting).
  • Able to take ownership of a project and meet deadlines.
  • Disciplined enough to work remotely (implied, of course, but quintessential).
  • Excellent communication, especially via online chat (Slack).
  • Comfortable coming into a large codebase and able to follow existing patterns, conventions, and figuring out how existing code fits and works together.
  • Able to travel a few times per year for company get-togethers.

What You Will Work On
You can expect to primarily work on new feature development as well as adding additional functionality to existing features. There will also be some bug fixing and occasional support-related tasks. You’ll have a mix of solo and team-based projects.

You’ll Fit in Well If You...
  • Like working on challenging projects that solve actual problems.
  • Enjoy seeing the code you produce get used by thousands of users daily.
  • Have strong opinions on how software should be produced, but are willing to make compromises when appropriate.
  • Don’t want to be overly managed, but also aren’t afraid to ask for help when necessary.
  • Find value in understanding other facets of the business: support, sales, customer installations, etc.
  • Prefer working and communicating via online chat (Slack) over in-person or phone calls.
  • Are looking for a company to work at for the long haul.
  • Are proficient with Giphy memes and other internet hijinks.

You Will Receive the Following:
  • Competitive pay.
  • Unlimited vacation time.
  • Health Insurance, Dental, Long Term Disability.
  • Retirement account (401k) match by Tripleseat.
  • Annual Company retreats to fun places.
  • Access to some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

Why Tripleseat?
We’re a growing company -- grow with us! You can be part of a proficient, tightly knit company. To boot, our company is seasoned, highly profitable, and venture-funded with a solid customer base and incredibly low churn. We want to find folks who fit into our company just as much as you’re looking to find a great place to work.