Experienced Front End Web Developer

Osprey Informatics

Our Pitch

We’re offering the opportunity to take ownership of the front end of a complex web application. If you have the experience and desire to provide leadership on the evolution and technical direction of a single-page Javascript application, we have the challenge for you.

Our energetic and talented dev team is building a unique product at the intersection of several cutting-edge trends: computer vision, IoT and distributed edge computing. You will play a key role in the success of the Osprey Reach visual intelligence platform.

The right candidate will combine technical skills with a pragmatic, mature approach to collaboration, mentoring and decision-making.

Our Tech

Osprey Reach controls a distributed network of cameras and sensors and is optimized for managing rich media across high-latency, low-bandwidth industrial contexts. The value is providing intelligent visual notifications of critical on-site events, and to allow the inspection and automated monitoring of equipment and infrastructure. Fundamentally, we allow our customers to manage remote and distributed assets more efficiently, while also mitigating health, safety and environmental risks. To do this we employ cloud services and edge devices that ingest, analyze, store and manage gigabytes of images daily.

We make extensive use of AWS services, Django/Python for the back end and AngularJS for single-page-application front ends. The database is Postgres. The computer vision algorithms we employ are neural network based.

Our Company

We are a mid-stage startup with a real shipping product that has attracted a customer base of over 20 industrial companies and strong recurring SaaS revenue. As the scope of our opportunity grows, we’re generating interest from investors and strategic partners. As a result, we are looking to expand our team to seize the major opportunities in front of us.

Requirements and Nice-To-Haves

Required Skills / Qualifications:

  • Five years development experience
  • Single Page Applications (AngularJS v1, Angular v2+, ReactJS, Vue.js)
  • Experience with state management and unit testing large AngularJS and/or Angular applications
  • Enthusiasm for unit testing
  • Experience profiling and fine-tuning the performance of front end web applications
  • Source control (git)
  • SQL and database interaction
  • Experience consuming and designing RESTful web services
  • Leadership in technical architecture decisions
  • Pragmatic decision making abilities in the service of always delivering customer value
  • Teamwork skills – communication, education and mentoring

Bonus Points

  • Production-level experience with Python web frameworks (preferably Django)
  • Developing high-traffic systems and scaling applications
  • Database query performance tuning
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Computer Vision (eg OpenCV)
  • Experience or an interest in Machine Learning (eg Tensorflow, Theano, Keras, Neural Networks)