Software Engineers

The Sensible Code Company

We make products that turn messy data into valuable information. We work with economists, statisticians and data managers to help them to improve their business operations using data science techniques and machine learning.

We’re looking for software engineers who:

  • Want to build successful, high quality products;
  • Care about customer experience;
  • Like communicating with technical and non-technical people.

Our products help customers introduce automation into everyday business processes by applying modern technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We work best with customers who have an appetite for innovation.

Every month 50,000 new customers visit and upload a document to — DataBaker allows customers like the Office For National Statistics to transform human readable spreadsheets in machine readable format through the simple and effective use of Jupyter and Pandas. TableBuilder permits high speed data analysis and dissemination of large complex confidential data by applying tested ‘disclosure control’ methods. QuickCode is the original ScraperWiki product.

We have customers all over the world (from Costa Rica to China!), and particularly work with governmental organisations like the United Nations, Office for National Statistics and Cabinet Office. We participate in research projects with European Universities.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Understanding customer needs and designing ways of solving them;
  • Full stack software development;
  • Pushing projects as a whole to reach “done done”;
  • Participating and steering project meetings.

Your skills are:

  • Believe in good software engineering — from unit tests to pull requests;
  • Comfortable with Unix systems administration and devops;
  • Like presenting and writing in public and private;
  • Like Agile, but more because of the original manifesto, not the hype;
  • Have delivered projects using Agile methods or would be happy to learn.

Facts about The Sensible Code Company:

  • We use lots of AWS, Go, Python, Docker and more.
  • You can work remotely, or at our offices.
  • We’ve a generous 30 days holiday.