Machine Learning Developer

Data Revenue

We are Data Revenue (, a machine learning consultancy and looking for another experienced Python Engineer with a passion for machine learning.

About us

We are a 3 machine learning engineers and few freelancers, working out of Berlin and Krakow. Over the last 2 1/2 years we worked on some great projects in Web, Finance, Energy and Medical. Doing purchase/demand prediction, churn prediction, credit scoring and fraud detection. As well as predicting market prices and building recommendation systems.

We actively choose clients with interesting problems and datasets.

What we expect

  • You've worked on production Python codebases in a team before
  • You are very experienced with processing data in Python (numpy, pandas)
  • You are excited about machine learning, and have experience with the basic concepts (University courses, Kaggle and side projects count)
  • You are good at asking the right questions and coming up with your solutions, and great at working independently
  • You enjoy working the whole stack: From researching, data analysis, data preparation, algorithm tuning, to testing and deployment. 

Nice to have

  • Experience with deploying and packaging high performance python applications which have many C/++ dependencies
  • Kubernetes and/or Docker experience
  • Experience with providing Infrastructure to ETL systems
  • In-depth understanding of UNIX/Linux system internals and TCP/IP networking
  • Well-versed in scripting (Bash/Python) and infrastructure automation
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment experience

What you can expect

  • Work on production machine learning systems for large companies with huge data (think training XGBoost on 200TB)
  • Cutting edge tools and machine learning challenges - You'll have a chance to build production applications with RNNs, LSTMs and XGBoost
  • Projects are based on reusable frameworks, not one-off code
  • Free choice over working time and place - 4hours of overlap would be nice
  • A lot of responsibility - You will have your own project, with guidance from our CTO
  • Developers are running the company - We don't have "business people"
  • Fair pay and treatment


We are young and bootstrapped, so if you are from the US or similar we probably won't be able to pay a competitive salary. 

Tech Stack

  • Python 3 (Pandas, Dask, Luigi, Hdf5, Numpy, XGBoost, Keras, TensorFlow)
  • Deployment: AWS EC2, Ansible, Docker - also Google Cloud Platform
  • Orchestration: AWS Data Pipeline