Senior Digital Analyst



LooseGrip is looking for a Senior Digital Analyst to lead... well, digital analytics. We need someone to jump in, get dirty and help us scale as we change the way marketing data is collected, served, and actioned upon. Love of sandwiches and bad puns is a plus.

At LooseGrip we believe data is a powerful tool, but only insofar as it delivers actionable insights that allow us and our clients to create better campaigns, content, and user experiences.

To own this role candidates will be:

  • A Data Nerd familiar with all the usual measurement tools (Google Analytics, Data Studio, Optimizely, etc.)
  • Experienced with paid digital media campaigns and creating insights from the learnings provided by the data. (Specifically social media campaigns, PPC campaigns and email marketing)
  • Comfortable designing killer social media reports
  • Self-motivated, self-organized and hungry – We’re a small team, so all team members must be able to manage their time.
  • A strong storyteller – By word, image or chart, but sometimes all three.
  • Vocal, creative and willing to mix it up with the team.
  • Committed to constant learning, self improvement and a thirst for new/better ways to do things.
  • Pro-pun. 

Ideally the candidate would also have:

  • A demonstrable track record of using data and reporting to make an impact.
  • Familiarity and understanding of many the available tools and technology including Optimizely, VWO, Adobe Analytics/DTM, Mixpanel, KissMetrics, BigQuery, CrazyEgg, Clicktale, etc.
  • A solid baseline understanding of statistical modeling and methodologies.
  • Experience creating solutions to analyze metric/data repositories. (APIs / Excel / Databases / Google Sheets etc.)
  • Some coding ability (JavaScript, etc.)
  • Experience using numerous APIs to centralize data sources (Google, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.)

Day To Day this role includes:

  • Leading, creating and presenting all of our digital reporting that occurs on a weekly, monthly and quarterly cadence.
  • Maintaining clear lines of communication with stakeholders (internal and external) as to the ongoing performance of content and campaigns.
  • Management of ongoing user test, experiments and optimization.
  • Making our small team smarter by presenting/sharing learnings continually.

About LG:

We’re a smallish one million dollar agency, building the team and framework that will help us become a 5 million dollar company. We have a broad mix of clients who sell everything from ice cream, to hotel rooms, to servers and DDoS protection. Our competitive advantage is providing superior, customized service to our clients where we emphasize quantifiable results that brings added value. Employees are directly involved in the success of the company on a day-to-day basis and successes are shared across the board. LooseGrip also does Do-Goodery: each year, Loosegrip sponsors a charitable non-profit and provides no cost campaign strategy and best practices consulting.

We’re small, nimble and virtual. While we’re “based” in Pennsylvania, without fancy office digs our remote team works from all areas of the US. We use quarterly meet ups to be sure we’re all pushing towards the same goals, and get a chance to have a beer together every now and then.

Most of our day to day collaboration happens via Google Hangouts, Slack and Insightly.


  • This role is virtual, so candidates can live and work from anywhere they are productive.
  • Profit sharing.
  • New client bonus.
  • CoWorking space stipend.
  • The full week off between Christmas and New Years when LooseGrip is closed.
  • Mandatory (yes mandatory) 20 days vacation. We’re a small team, focused on growing fast but we all pick up the slack to make sure team members can take plenty of breaks throughout the year to stay refreshed.
  • Annual training and conference budget.

To Apply: