Entrepreneurial Sales Development Hacker in Utah


About us

Mokriya takes software seriously. We’re pragmatic crafters who believe in smart and focused development, building clients’ products just as we do our own: investing heavily in design, iterating rapidly to validate and falsify ideas, and pursuing perfection in every interaction.

We believe that well-made software can change the world, no matter how small or simple a product might be. We also believe that poorly-made software —badly-designed, badly-developed, or badly-supported— is a preventable tragedy.

Mokriya’s mission is to make great software: for ourselves, for our clients and most importantly for our users.

About you (we'd prefer you're in Utah)

You are curious about technology, and love to teach people about things you're learning about. 

You are an absolute pit bull when it comes to follow up, but you get creative to knock down doors. You instinctively try a dozen different approaches until you find the one that fits. You think "no" just means, "I don't see the value yet." But you're not annoying. You get that you need to strike a balance. "An email didn't work," you think, "maybe I'll try a hand-written note, and then a small gift." 

You love the hunt, the thrill of getting a win. 

You're competitive, but not in the "I'm going to win and lord it over you," sense. You love to win, but you also love the camaraderie that comes from working with, learning from, and lifting, your sales teammates. 

You're curious about how to be the best at your craft, so you continue learning about sales, and about what it takes to succeed. You may have long-term ambitions to be a CEO or VP, and you see sales as a great path towards that end.

You spend your time reading forums like Sales Hacker. Names like Aaron Ross and Max Altschuler are famililar.

About the role

Sales Development is 50% art, 50% science, and then another 1000% persistence. If you can do sales development well, you're in an elite circle. Most cannot do it. 

It involves studying the org chart, figuring out how to get the right people on the phone, or into an email discussion. It's trying to spark the right internal discussions that will lead to the qualified lead.

You'll work closely with an Account Executive to put together a go-to-market plan, and then execute on it together. The best sales development people we've seen take cues from their AE, but also think independently to execute effectively.

Why should I be excited to work here?

First, it’s fun. Not in the “everyone pretend to have fun, we’re a startup, where are the Nerf guns?” way, either. It’s fun to work at Mokriya because beyond the perks and good times, we’re a happy team of people who love to design and build great products. It’s not just that we have a great organizational structure in which everyone is really empowered to act; it’s also that we hire for fit and bring in folks only if we’re confident in their integrity, capability, and drive.

No one will watch over your shoulder, and you won't have to spend time watching over anyone else's either. We’re a talented team of doers. There’s little bureaucracy, and we hate blocking. Our leaders spend their time making sure you can get things done in the way that best suits your preferences and the strategic goals.

Autonomy, creativity, thoughtfulness, trust: if you care about those things, you'll be happy here. And more importantly, we'd be honored to hire you.

Oh, and you'll make some great money. :)

To apply: Email with (A) the sales accomplishment you're most proud of (B) surprising things you have learned about selling