Performance/Scalability Expert - 6 months contract

Raising the Floor - US

Type of Position: Contractor, Full-Time, 6 months Contract
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Computer Access. We’re an international coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring that the Internet, and everything available through it, is accessible to people with accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy, digital literacy, or aging, and regardless of their economic resources. Our vision is to revolutionize the landscape of assistive technology by creating an infrastructure to facilitate the development, distribution, and support of a wide range of affordable accessibility solutions around the world. That is, the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).
You will help a team of bright and talented developers located across continents who are passionate about our vision, that of radically improving the access to technology. How? By helping to develop associated system that supports the “portability” of user preferences across any platform or device -- that makes it easier for anyone to be able to have the technology they encounter automatically change into a form they can understand and use.
  • Work with the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) architects and subject-matter experts (SME) to understand the infrastructure components and define performance/ scalability metrics that need to be implemented and monitored.
  • Design and document a performance/ scalability plan, which should include a test approach, strategy and scenarios.
  • Implement the instrumentation required to collect data for analysis.
  • Recommend and document best practices.
  • Perform data analysis to detect performance bottlenecks.
  • Provide recommendations to the GPII developers on how to optimize the system to improve performance.
  • Integrate the performance/ scalability test cases into release processes, automate them in the GPII’s Continuous Integration environment, store results using technologies such as Elasticsearch, and provide dashboards to team members.
  • Work with Infrastructure developers to plan application deployments on Kubernetes clusters for scalability testing.
  • Debug and resolve issues relating to the automated test scripts.
  • 10+ years hands-on experience designing and writing performance test plans.
  • Experience with modern, containerized cloud infrastructure and load balancing techniques (in particular, Docker and Kubernetes).
  • Knowledge of and hands-on experience with open source performance testing tools.
  • An Agile mindset and team player, with experience contributing to open source communities using collaborative environments such as Github.
  • Development background with ability to review code and write automation scripts and instrumentation for data gathering.
  • In-depth experience with profiling tools for Node.js (e.g., node-inspector, Chrome dev tools, heapdump, NSolid).
  • In-depth knowledge of profiling performance of services deployed on Unix-like operating systems using technologies such as dtrace, perf, systemtap, tcpdump, etc.
  • Experience with load testing tools such as Gatling, JMeter, Tsung, etc., and ability to simulate dynamic user traffic.
  • Experience with networking protocols and one or more programming languages (JavaScript, Go, Python, Ruby).   
  • Experience using JIRA to report issues.
  • Experience working in a distributed environment.