Senior Rails engineer

Hodl Hodl

A Bitcoin startup is looking for a senior Rails developer with 5+ years of experience in the field.

Skills required
  • Ruby and Rails
  • TDD, rspec
  • haml, scss
  • basic devops skills
  • Linux or Mac user (Windows users please don't apply)
  • git
  • Good spoken English
  • attention to details

Skills that are an advantage or you can learn them along the way:
  • Dart
  • Bitcoin protocol knowledge

About the company
We're a self-funded Bitcoin startup. Our team is distributed and we have deep respect for people's personal life: you can choose to work any time of day, just let us know in advance when you're on.

  • The salary is always on time.
  • We're using Slack, Jira and Gitlab for communication.
  • Currently based in Europe, the team is 100% remote

To learn more about what we do, visit
Please no agencies or outsource teams.