OpsCenter Developer


Job Description Summary:

DataStax, the leader in data management for cloud applications, is seeking a talented developer to join our DataStax team.

Job Description:

OpsCenter, a world-class monitoring and management solution for DataStax Enterprise Server, is the tool of choice for anyone using DataStax Enterprise. Its web-based architecture is designed to improve admin productivity in areas including monitoring and advanced task automation, whether your cluster has 10 nodes or 1,000 nodes.

The OpsCenter codebase currently consists of Java, Python, Clojure, and JavaScript. Familiarity with one or more of these is important, but even more important is the passion and ability to work on any part of an application and ability to learn and adapt quickly as the application and technologies underneath evolve.

OpsCenter is used to manage big data systems like DataStax Enterprise, Spark, and Solr. Experience working with these platforms is a huge bonus. Familiarity with these or similar platforms will be helpful in this position.

Essential Job Functions

  • Creating new features in OpsCenter and DataStax Enterprise in areas such as backup, monitoring, and database performance optimization
  • Improving existing OpsCenter features to better address customer requirements

  • Work as a full-stack developer in all layers of the OpsCenter code base

  • Participate in design and code reviews for other parts of the DataStax codebase, and work with other developers in focusing on outstanding code quality and development processes

  • Work with engineering and product management to plan new features in OpsCenter

 Job Requirements
  • 5+ years programming experience

  • Experience with distributed systems, and developing software which utilizes the inherent strengths and challenges of distributed systems.

  • Experience with Java, the JVM, and the entire Java development ecosystem (build tools, CI systems, etc)

  • Moderate to extensive JavaScript experience, with a bonus for exposure to recent frameworks.

  • Experience with Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise is a huge bonus

  • Experience working in *nix environments, and able to perform common server administration tasks to test against standard Cassandra clusters

  • Experience and desire to write extensive unit and integration tests

  • Comfortable working on a distributed/remote team

  • Self-driven, independent, and able to learn quickly

Bonus Points

  • Distributed consensus and coordination - understanding systems such as zookeeper and etcd and their applications, paxos, raft, crdts

  • Http and rest - familiarity with dns, http verbs, response codes, caching, compression

  • Network protocols - tcp connection lifecycle, common pitfalls

  • Multithreading - concurrency and parallelism, synchronization, lock-free algorithms, evented io

  • Unix - filesystem, processes, interrupts, signals, system calls