Back-End Developer

WeaveUp, Inc.

WeaveUp is seeking an experienced backend-focused Rails developer to build and improve our REST API. Our technology stack is an Angular frontend talking to a Rails API backend, and you’ll be focusing on making the API as flexible and robust as it can be! While we’re very supportive of junior developers internally, this role would be a better fit for someone with a couple of years of production experience under their belts. We want a talented developer with a passion for creating elegant, scalable code.

Things We Need You to Do

  • Build robust, scalable applications to support the growth of the WeaveUp website
  • Work with the lead developer to scope/plan/develop new features and functionality
  • Collaborate with frontend developers and UI/UX designers
  • Improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation and code reviews
  • Monitor hosted applications for performance and troubleshoot issues as needed
  • Create and update technical documentation

Things That Are Important to Us

  • Experience with Ruby and Rails, since that’s what our backend is (#logic).
  • An ability to build and improve a REST/JSON API.
  • Big ideas and a tiny ego – come in with your best ideas, but don’t take it personally if another idea is better.
  • A customer-first focus, and a willingness to step and hustle to make us a success. There is no “that’s not my job” at WeaveUp.
  • A high degree of pragmatism about the difference between “good” and “perfect” with a bias toward shipping.
  • Testing and TDD experience, preferably with RSpec.
  • Familiarity with coding style guides via Rubocop
  • Understand the different types of specs and understand what test coverage means.
  • Asynchronous job processing and management via SideKiq / SideKiq Pro.
  • Understand Git Flow and have worked in an agile environment.
  • Have participated in peer code reviews on PRs.
  • Self-starter. Passionate about code and eager to learn new skills.
  • Values autonomy, asks for help, and asks for more work when tickets are completed.
  • Comfortable with asynchronous communication tools such as Slack and Screenhero.
  • Not afraid of video chat.
  • Loves to LAUGH and have fun.

Things That Would Be Nice to Have

  • Experience or interest in AngularJS v1.x, for that full-stack flavor.
  • Integration with third-party APIs
  • Ability to debug front-end clients to your API, specifically Angular/Javascript.
  • Strong Giphy-fu to post amusing GIFs into the engineering Slack channel.
  • Enough DevOps to understand how a Rails app runs and what might break. Know Ansible? Even better!
  • Knowledge about image processing, color matching and RMagick.
  • Strength in Postgres-flavored SQL and query tuning.

Why WeaveUp?

  • Work on a product that has demonstrated value for customers, and help us take it to the next level
  • A culture that values productivity, accountability and communication over politics, capital-P Process and micromanagement
  • Seriously, we’ll treat you like an actual adult
  • A collaborative environment where you’re encouraged to think and contribute outside of your prescribed role
  • Management that is committed to supporting you as a person and a professional, and to building a diverse and respectful team that makes all of us stronger
  • Take-it-when-you-need-it-two-weeks-minimum-recommended-vacation-policy (no-seriously-take-the-vacation) and gratuitous-use-of-hyphens

Equity, competitive pay and good benefits make up the compensation package.

WeaveUp, Inc. is a software startup that enables billion dollar companies to efficiently enter the textile print-on-demand market using groundbreaking color customization, workflow, and sales tools. The last time the textile market saw a change like this, hot air balloons were the latest technology.
US Based only and No Recruiters