C++ expert; web crawling or web API experience strongly preferred

Essential Algorithms Solutions

Essential Algorithms Solutions (EAS) has an opening for two (2) experienced senior-level C++ programmers to add to our EU-based remote work team.  This work-from-home contract style position offers a full time opportunity to each developer selected for the position.  Candidates selected for this position will work under a full-time independent contractor relationship with our EU-based division.

C++ is the main programming language used on company projects; however, candidates are expected to be "full stack" and have experience in web APIs, web services, JSON, etc, since nearly all of our in-house applications either produce or consume web services.  Many of the services we interact with are undocumented or legacy code, so patience and investigative skills to determine how a given remote API works and how to extract the needed information from it are of the highest importance.  Many projects will involve creation of web bots, crawlers, or automatic web scraping programs to gather data from specified sites or endpoints.

In addition to web APIs, the position also involves programming for a variety of our sports wagering and online gambling related products.  Example projects might include (but are certainly not limited to) collection or aggregation of sports statistics; development of risk management tools; creation of random number generators (RNG) and casino game logic; and development of our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) product.

For this position, emphasis is placed on the applicant's ability to produce solutions with minimal outside help.  As this is a senior-level position, all applicants are expected to be able to write the required applications from start to finish, including design of any database queries or tables.  Design specifications will be provided for each project prior to commencement.  While actual programming ability is one of the key requirements of this position, applicants for this senior-level posting are expected to show initiative and take a practical approach towards solving real-world problems.

Most of the applications developed at EAS are in the realm of sports betting and online casino games / online gambling.  

  1. Advanced C++ background
  2. Ability to write fully-debugged, real-world applications from start to finish with minimal supervisory intervention
  3. Knowledge of web services, such as REST, JSON APIs
  4. Working knowledge of how web documents are structured (HTML and XML)
  5. Strong investigative skills, such as ability to "figure out" an undocumented program or XML/JSON feed and use data from that feed in your application
  6. Ability to design tables, indexes, and SQL queries to support the data layer of applications.  Specific experience with MySQL preferred.
  7. Optional:  Working knowledge of the Qt5 C++ framework