Software Engineer: Web

Open Robotics

Develop user friendly, cross platform, lightweight, and mobile interfaces to robotic and autonomous systems. Join our team to help build the next generation of web applications for robotic systems.

Our team has a deep background in embedded devices, robot simulation, and control software. This experience will combine with your knowledge of web technolgies to create a seamless ecosystem of software for robot control, planning, analysis, and simulation.


  • Develop web applications to control and coordinate robot simulation for use in competitions, research, development, and testing.
  • Design and prototype web technologies, such as visualization and anaylsis, for use with physical and simulation robotic systems.
  • Support, maintenance, and documentation of sotware functionality.
  • Software testing and quality assurance.


  • BS, MS, or PhD in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related field (recent graduates welcome).
  • Knowledge of distributed databases, scaling services, high throughput and low latency solutions.
  • Knowledge of testing and deploying web applications through cloud providers.
  • Experience designing and developing web applications with public REST interfaces.


  • Experience using common web oriented technologies such as Polymer, Go language, AngularJS, Javascript, or Node.
  • Experience connecting web applications with hardware devices, such as IoT devices and robots.
  • Experience developing and maintaining open-source software.
  • Experience writing Android and/or iOS applications.
  • Experience using open source libraries.
  • Experience with ROS, Gazebo, and/or other robotics software.
  • Several years of professional software development experience.


  • Cover letter, in which you introduce yourself and explain your interest in joining our team
  • Resume/CV
  • Link(s) to code sample(s), ideally in a publicly accessible repository
  • Two references and/or two letters of recommendation