Growth Engineer


We’re looking for a Growth Engineer to join our team. As a member of the growth team you will together with the rest of the team be working on driving user growth at the intersection of product, engineering, marketing, and data. We’ll be running experiments to improve and to learn about acquisition, activation, retention and virality and to share this knowledge with everyone at Mapillary.

Key responsibilities

  • Implementing analytics to find where users are engaging, what they're interested in, what works and what doesn't.
  • Managing the execution of growth experiments across emails, web and mobile.
  • Improving our data reporting to enable us to make better decisions.
  • Developing and improving our tools for experimentation.

About you

This is a technical position, where programming and data analytics will be at the core of your work. You're probably a few years into your career and are eager to grow and shape the growth roadmap together with us.

  • You have experience in programming - for example Javascript, Python or R.
  • You love data analytics. You know how to set up Mixpanel data, Google Analytics, run queries towards databases (Elasticsearch, Postgres) and APIs.
  • You are familiar with designing and executing growth initiatives. You know what A/B test and cohort analysis are. You use data to make a decision.

Bonus experiences

  • Performance marketing
  • Building and optimizing landing pages
  • Running email campaigns
  • Gamification

Also, please describe one of the following experiences you've had:

- a time when data proved your intuition wrong


- a time when a change in user experience resulted in a much larger change in user behavior than you had expected.